Listing of supplies mentioned in the YouTube cost breakdown video


If you’re in Iowa, this is who supplies our septic supplies

Pricing is based on costs July 1, 2022


Perc Test $400-450

Your county should be able to give you a contact for this, and they will have their own regulations on system types, inspections, etc.


Septic Tank, 1200 gallons $1500

Distribution Box, 7 hole $61.00

Laterals Low Pros 4′ long x 3′ wide $33.00 per 100 linear feet

End Caps $19.00 each

SDR35 4″ $28.00 per 10 feet

Solid Core 4″ $53.00 per 10 feet


Curtain Drain Supplies

Drain Tile $150.00 for a 250′ roll

Washed Rock $450.00 per load


Backhoe rental will vary based on your location, in our area it is typically $250/day

Labor will vary, but assuming double material costs is a good place to start.


Mad County Original Septic Install


Mobile Home Septic Install